Experience the goodness of Hotel Bread from Parisienne Bakery

Japan is not just known for their sushi, but it is also the home of the best bakers that create excellent bread. One of its best-kept secrets is their hotel bread. The bread is a staple in Japanese bakeries and cafe. In fact, if you visit this country, every street has a bakery that sells […]

Parisienne captures real meaning of summer!

In Japan, summer is a time to see colors and the seasonal fruits brought everything to life. In the effort to capture the sweetness of the said country during this time of the year, Parisienne has created three must try sweets. All of them have fruits of the season as a main ingredient. Everything will […]

Ways to Celebrate Cherry Blossoms in New York City

Sakura Matsuri 2015 at Brooklyn Botanical Garden Springtime is just around the corner. How do you want to celebrate it the Japanese way while you are in the city that new sleeps? Cherry Blossom Festival or Hanami in Japanese is Japan’s tradition that welcomes spring. It is a time to celebrate the beauty of nature. […]

Pumpkin Cake for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most much-awaited celebrations in different parts of the world. Family members gather and catch up. They get to spend some quality time together. And of course, they enjoy good food together as well. Dishes made of turkeys, yams, and pumpkins are among the common sightings in every home’s dining area. […]