Two New Sweets for the Summer

Not all sweets are created equal. Some are light, some are refreshing, and others are just perfectly sweet. A better way to enjoy summer is indulge in favorite treats. The lazy summer moments calls for treasure hunt and Parisienne Bakery ‘X marks the spot’. Sweets loving dessert people are in luck because of the 2017 confectionaries collection offered by the awesome café.

Parisienne Bakery proudly presents something exciting to cool our tongues – Peach Champagne and Berry Berry Mousse..


Peach Champagne is made from layers and layers of goodness. You got to work your way from the top by tasting white peach then the champagne jelly then go all the way to bottom with yogurt mousse and white peach mousse. This only cost $5.


Berry Berry Mousse is very very delicious. It is a new way to love berries. The layers and layers of goodness start with lemon jelly. Next stop are frozen raspberries and strawberries that are sweet and cool. The next layers are both raspberry and strawberry flavored jelly and mousse. Definitely berries overload. The sweet ending is the yuzu and white chocolate mousse. In case you are not familiar, Yuzi is similar to a small grapefruit and has a touch of mandarin orange. Its outer rind is often used in Japanese cuisine as garnish. Bits of Yuzi are found at the bottom. The tanginess flavor is perfect in summer time. Enjoy this for just $5.50

Treat yourself today. Visit Parisienne Bakery and taste these confectionaries which are perfect for the hot weather.