Let’s Celebrate Mother’s Day!

Parisienne Bakery is celebrating Mother’s Day 2017 with the sumptuously delightful Mother’s Day strawberry shortcake. The vanilla sponge is fluffy, light, and melts in your mouth. The whipped cream wakes up every taste bud on your tongue. The fresh strawberries are dainty yet powerfully sweet and tart at the same time. The balance of flavors makes this cake the one to beat in New Jersey. Wouldn’t you want to present your mother with this special treat from Parisienne Bakery?

Parisienne Bakery has a cake for every occasion. For the most important day of the year in honor of the most important woman in your life, there is nothing sweeter and more inspiring than especially baked strawberry shortcake. The six-inch variety is available at $30, while the eight-inch shortcake is being offered at $36. It’s quite a bargain really.

Despite the extraordinary goodness of Parisienne Bakery’s Mother’s Day special offer, there’s nothing fancy about the ingredients. Parisienne Bakery used only the finest flour, eggs, sugar, heavy cream, vanilla essence, and strawberry. You can be confident your mom will like it when she opens the box of Parisienne Bakery goodies you’ll be bringing to her on Mother’s Day.