Roses are red, violets are blue, its Valentine’s Day at Parisienne Bakery

What could be tastier and sweeter than Parisienne Bakery’s baked goodies this month of love? Only a week away before V-day and love is in the air. Surprise your sweetheart with wide variety of cakes from this Japanese bakery. Nothing is more fun, fresh and yummier than this!
From teddy bears, balloon, to flowers, Valentine’s Day means sweet stuff. But of course it is not complete without a heart shaped cake. This year Parisienne Bakery is presenting three festive products that can complete your February 14 celebration. Definitely cupid will struck your heart with love for taking these sweets home.

Valentine’s Day special strawberry short cake

The special heart shaped short cake with strawberries is simply to die for. This cake is gorgeous, elegant and delicious. The strawberries take the center stage and this would be your favorite valentine cake of all time.

Hazelnuts chocolate mousse

Enjoy the happiness and love with friends and family by serving them chocolate mousse with hazelnuts. The creamy goodness is something special. Chocolaty and Hazel nutty rolled in one. The soft and velvety texture would capture your heart.

Pave au chocolat (Green tea & Chocolate)

Pave is cobblestones in French. In food context, this refers to square or rectangular flat piece of food. Pave au chocolat from Parisienne Bakery has two flavors – Green tea and chocolate. This is a sweet ending after a romantic dinner. It is also something to be shared with everyone.
No one should miss Parisienne Bakery’s valentine cake offerings. This year is something different as we offer indulgences – big and small perfect for the hearts day. Hope this will become a tradition for you.