Experience the goodness of Hotel Bread from Parisienne Bakery

Japan is not just known for their sushi, but it is also the home of the best bakers that create excellent bread. One of its best-kept secrets is their hotel bread. The bread is a staple in Japanese bakeries and cafe. In fact, if you visit this country, every street has a bakery that sells this delicious creation.

What is a hotel bread? It is not the same as the ordinary white bread. Milk and cream are two of its notable ingredients making it so rich and soft. Nothing can be compared to the feather texture when pulled apart in the middle. It has soft and smooth texture perfect for morning coffee or afternoon tea. The delightful goodness is just waiting for butter, and all is set for that perfect breakfast or snack. All you need is your good old oven to heat it up.

The good news is that there is no need to go to Japan and have this quality bread. Parisienne Bakery is offering hotel bread. It is one of our daily loaves that is worth your money. Want to know the secret of this perfect bread? It is all about the ingredients and the recipe that would make you want more. Nothing makes a better toast than this hotel bread.