Parisienne captures real meaning of summer!


In Japan, summer is a time to see colors and the seasonal fruits brought everything to life. In the effort to capture the sweetness of the said country during this time of the year, Parisienne has created three must try sweets. All of them have fruits of the season as a main ingredient. Everything will be so alive in the early summer fair hosted by the restaurant.
For the delight of everyone’s taste buds, three new products are launched and can be enjoyed for two whole months.

  • Oishi jelly. The name says it all. It is made of fresh grapefruit.
  • Cup de cake takes fruits in a whole new level. Various fruits are combined and filled with sweet elements.
  • Summer Danish is perfect with ice cold drink. It is delicious pastry topped with refreshing fruits.

For those who love fruits, it’s time to enjoy them in a whole new way.
Early summer fair runs from May 2nd to June 30th.
Experience these three sweet offerings by visiting Parisienne.