2015 Christmas cakes! 5% off by 12/20

The holiday season is upon us. Christmas has always been one of the most favorite times of the year for most people. It is the season where love is felt everywhere. Christmas tunes are always playing in stores and in the streets. People have warm smiles on their faces as they greet each other with holiday cheers.
Christmas season also means that there will be a lot of family reunions and gatherings to attend to. One thing that will make any holiday gathering more memorable is to have a holiday themed cake. As the famous Julia Child has said, “A party without cake is just a meeting.”, therefore, do not make your Christmas merrymaking a bore by not having one.
During the holiday season, you can expect to have a traditional Christmas dinner having turkey as the center of attraction. Another staple Christmas menu is the fruit cake. However, there are times when people get fed up with eating fruitcakes that they even have last year’s fruitcake still sitting in the refrigerators.
If you want cake for Christmas but do not want another fruitcake, then you can simply choose from any of the holiday themed cake available out there. Parisienne Bakery has a selection of delectable cakes that would make any Christmas gathering successful. Your family and friends would enjoy their mango mousse cake which is just bursting with the complementary flavors of mango and chocolate mousse. Have your loved ones have a taste of their delicious strawberry shortcake or wow them with the chocolate and coffee flavors of Parisienne Bakery’s famous Tiramisu. If you have a large family, then why not try all of them.
Since these cakes are in demand during the Christmas season, Parisienne Bakery recommends that you order your cakes in advanced.
We are offering a 5% discount for early orders made on or before December 20.

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